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Who We Are

AvR Web Solutions is a search engine marketing consultancy that provides SEO and PPC services to businesses that want to grow their customer base using the powerful channels of online search.

With over a decade of experience in providing services to clients across US, UK, Australia and Canada, the consultant now provides tips and tricks that can help businesses of all sizes improve their lead generation using search.

Why Choose Us

We are an agency centred around building a business using search traffic because the people coming to your website from different search engines are actively looking for your brand or the product/service.

Search Marketing is the best way to establish regular flow of leads using organic methods or paid ads. Organic or paid, the traffic is as qualified as you want it to be.

Search Marketing Services



How effective are your current SEO or PPC strategies in helping you grow? Is your marketing team able to justify the investment into different campaigns? I’ll audit your current status to find out existing issues and opportunities of growth.

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I’ll work to Create and implement SEO and PPC strategies for your business. Depending on your business objectives and competition, I will use the proven strategies to help your business grow online traffic and thus improve ROI.

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